Web-based IEP software allows you to work from anywhere with any internet-enabled device, from your desktop to your smartphone. You can update records in real-time and collaborate with your team while on the go.

EmbraceDS allows you to keep accurate documentation of delivered services and submit Medicaid claims for reimbursement. Our convenient record-keeping process allows you to compare services prescribed on the IEP with services delivered to students.

EmbraceEval is entirely web-based and promotes electronic communication between educators and evaluators, increasing transparency and collaboration.

Our Embrace504 (formerly Power504) software is one of our most popular products, but it’s not alone. Enjoy the fast and easy-to-use interface our clients know and love applied to the 504 product.

With EmbraceRTI software, your team can track student plans without missing a beat. Document interventions, evaluate progress, and adjust support before students fall behind.

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