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embraceDS® (Medicaid Billing)

School Medicaid Billing Software To Maximize Revenue and Compliance

Looking for Medicaid reimbursement software that is easy to use and will keep your district audit-ready? EmbraceDS® combines powerful software with personal service to ensure you and your staff have the tools and knowledge required for a successful Medicaid program. EmbraceDS® allows service providers to keep accurate documentation of delivered services and submit Medicaid claims for reimbursement. Our powerful reporting automatically compares services prescribed on the IEP with services delivered to students to help maximize your revenue, while ensuring appropriate service delivery.

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What Makes EmbraceDS® Different?

  • User-friendly – With minimal training, staff can begin entering service claims for individual students or therapy groups. Batch data entry speeds up the documentation process, while still maintaining individual student claims. Staff can record time spent delivering evaluations, screenings, medication administration, individual and group therapy, and more!
  • Audit Ready – Built-in compliance checks verify that all required pieces of information are present prior to claim submission. Requirements vary by state, but may include items such as parental consent to bill Medicaid, service prescriptions and referrals, and co-signer approval. Monthly accuracy reports are shared with both individual providers and district administrators. These reports compare the prescribed services listed on the IEP to the delivered services for the month to ensure accuracy of delivery and to maximize reimbursement.
  • Supported by Outstanding Staff – Our Medicaid and Client Success Specialist are always available to assist with any technical or best practice questions that districts may encounter. During standard business hours, representatives will respond to emails within 20 minutes because we understand how precious provider time truly is. All staff are welcome to contact Embrace®, not just a pre-defined list.
  • Transparent – Our Medicaid Success Representatives share information with districts during each step of the claim submission process to ensure that districts have an awareness of their Medicaid activity and projected reimbursement amounts.
  • Mobile – With a web-based Medicaid reimbursement software program, staff can update records and confirm service delivery accuracy from any internet-enabled device.

Key Features Our Users Love!

  • Compliance Checks: Built-in verifications ensure that all required information is present prior to claim submission.
  • Service Reminders: Automated reminders notify staff of their service delivery accuracy.
  • Content Storage: Electronically store Consent to Bill Medicaid forms, Service Prescriptions, Referrals, and Co-signer Approval.
  • Group Data Entry: Service providers can create service groups to complete batch data entry, saving valuable time.
  • Service Tracking: Staff can record time spent delivering evaluations, screenings, medication administration, therapy, and more.
  • Accuracy Report: Monthly accuracy reports compare the prescribed services to delivered services to increase audit-readiness and maximize revenue.
  • Transparent Reimbursement: District gets paid directly by the state agency.

Additional Services Included!

  • Free Training: EmbraceDS® training is provided at no additional cost, and includes instruction on documentation requirements for covered services.
  • Enrollment Assistance: Embrace® will assist districts in enrolling as a provider of Medicaid covered services with the appropriate state agencies.
  • Medicaid Eligibility Review: Embrace® provides student counts of Medicaid eligible students, as required, at no charge. We are also happy to work individually with districts to review opportunities to improve reimbursement, as well as the district’s annual fee-for-service cost calculations to ensure that the district is claiming appropriately.
  • Records Review: Our Medicaid Success Specialists review records to identify students who may be eligible for reimbursement.
  • Claim Submission: Embrace® staff will submit eligible Medicaid claims on your behalf. We provide summaries on all claim submissions.
  • Claim Review: Embrace® Medicaid Success Specialists will review any denied claims for reconciliation. This may include resubmission or communication with the district regarding Medicaid’s reason for the claim’s denial. We will reach out to the individual users, when necessary, for claim corrections. Additionally, our team provides a list of students missing data, and what can be done to make the student’s service claimable, after every submission.
  • Consistent Updates: We provide frequent notifications regarding Medicaid program benefits, things to be aware of, upcoming deadlines and timelines for data entry.
  • State Medicaid Agency Communication: We regularly communicate with state agencies to ensure we maintain compliance requirements. We update the Embrace® system, as appropriate, according to new guidance and any new billing opportunities for districts. 

Experience the Embrace® Difference

Our company enjoys a 99% customer retention rate – one of the highest in the industry. Supporters of our brand rely on the simplicity of our programs and the high quality of our customer service. We take our responsibilities to educators seriously because we recognize the true impact teachers make every day.

Increase your audit-readiness with our Medicaid reimbursement software. Call or email today to schedule a demonstration of EmbraceDS®.

Alpine School District – American Fork, UT

With EmbraceDS®, Alpine was able to improve their data analysis process and gain comfort in compliance! After exceeding their expectations on software and service, Alpine has recommended our software. Download Case Study

Livingston County Special Services Unit – Flanagan, IL

Adding EmbraceDS® to their EmbraceSuite, Livingston County Special Services Unit (LCSSU) was able to improve their processes and documentation for their 4 specialized programs. Download Case Study

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