Teacher Evaluation Software that Promotes Communication and Collaboration

Looking for software that can provide quality teacher evaluations, nurture staff in positive directions, and help districts come together as a team? EmbraceEVAL® allows districts or cooperatives to utilize a uniform evaluation practice and timeline for all educators. By aligning rubrics to reflect the district’s framework, staff are evaluated by district objectives, resulting in clear expectations of job performance.

What Makes EmbraceEVAL® Different?

  • Mobile Access – Tap into our web-based platform. It’s easily accessible from your home or office, and more importantly, from any mobile device while completing classroom observations. The freedom to record observation notes in real-time opens the door to a new level of accuracy and accountability.
  • Customizable Framework – EmbraceEval® allows districts to customize a variety of staff types and evaluation rubrics, pre-observation and post-observation questions, as well as summative scoring options.
  • Convenient Artifact Storage – Educators can support their evaluation with many different types of artifact files. Sound clips, movies, photos, and documents can easily be attached to the evaluation documentation.
  • Outstanding Support – Every one of our knowledgeable Success Specialists can assist with any questions that users may encounter. Reach an expert by phone during normal business hours and receive responses to emails within 20 minutes.

Key Features Our Users Love!

  • User-Friendly Layout: The system is easy to navigate and reduces training time for all staff.
  • Convenient Storage: Easily attach and store artifact files to support evaluations, such as sound clips, movies, and documents.
  • Customizable Framework: Easily customize staff types, evaluation pre/post-observation questions, rubrics, and summative scoring options.
  • Printable Rubrics: Customized rubrics can be printed with ease.
  • In-System Notifications: Built-in notifications simplify communication and improve collaboration.
  • Centralized Information: Users can easily access files from any device and view upcoming meetings dates.
  • Historical Data Tracking: Maintain historical data to compare evaluation progress over time.

Experience the Embrace® Difference

Our company enjoys a 99% customer retention rate – one of the highest in the industry. Supporters of our brand rely on the simplicity of our programs and the high quality of our customer service. We take our responsibilities to educators seriously because we recognize the true impact teachers make every day.

If you’re looking for easy-to-use teacher evaluation software, contact Embrace® for a demonstration today.

Belleville Township High School – Belleville, IL

Creating collaboration between administration and educators to conduct effective evaluations was the goal when Belleville Township High School implemented EmbraceEVAL® for their district. EmbraceEVAL® met the needs and exceeded all expectations. Download Case Study

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