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With EmbraceRTI software, your team can track student plans without missing a beat. Document interventions, evaluate progress, and adjust support before students fall behind.

Create Consistency in RTI Paperwork
Unlike IEP and 504 plans, Response to Intervention forms are often less formal, and may lack consistent data entry across teachers, buildings, or districts. When educators or students move on, it’s hard to keep those records intact. At Embrace®, we provide you with a fast and efficient way to record essential information to track progress and keep students successful.

Promote Best Practice
Districts can customize fidelity checklists to provide staff with guidance for moving through the RTI tiers. Data Gathering forms prompt users to consider and evaluate universal screening data as part of the initial data collection process, while Tier III sheets contain built-in integrity checks to ensure fidelity.

EmbraceRTI is:

Easily customizable – Districts can specify intervention programs and/or instructional methods and progress monitoring tools used in their district by subject and tier level. Approved tools populate drop-down menus for easy selection throughout the tiered forms.

User-friendly – Our on-site or live webinar trainings take just a few hours to onboard users to the program, based on an intuitive interface that makes system navigation easy to follow.

Accessible Anytime, Anywhere – As a web-based platform, EmbraceRTI is available anytime from your workplace or your home office. Mobile capabilities allow you to make adjustments while you’re on the go. This allows teams to have the most robust, up-to-date information on a student at every step in the intervention process.

Supported by Unmatched Customer Service – Reach an expert by phone during normal business hours and receive responses to emails within 20 minutes. After-hours support is also available seven days a week to assist users whenever they need help!

Experience the Embrace® Difference

Our company enjoys a 99% customer retention rate – one of the highest in the industry. Supporters of our brand rely on the simplicity of our programs and the high quality of our customer service. We take our responsibilities to educators seriously because we know the true impact teachers make every day.

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