Customizable IEP Software That’s Easy To Use

EmbraceIEP® is a web-based IEP software that provides users with powerful IEP tools at their fingertips, including built-in core standards and objectives, automatic calculation of service environment percentages, and data tracking aligned for state reporting. State-specific compliance features ensure completion of required fields, while system automations help track IEP timelines. Simple, intuitive system navigation reduces training time and helps staff quickly access student plans.

What Makes EmbraceIEP® Different?

  • Designed for Experts By the Experts: Gus Brecht taught special education for 13 years and developed IEP software to fill the gaps in the resources available to him at the time. He knew the program had to be quick and convenient to access! He also knew it had to be easy to use and would need a knowledgeable support system to answer questions in a way that truly made sense. It takes someone with intimate knowledge of the processes involved to offer up real solutions.
  • Easy To Implement: District set-up requires the completion of just 3 simple templates- staff, students, and buildings. If utilizing our out-of-the-box settings, set-up can be completed in as little as one week. If districts decide to customize forms or settings, a custom implementation timeline will be created just for you. Our Implementation Specialists will walk you through each step of the set-up process from start to finish. Training takes just hours, either on-site or via live webinar. After some basic training, every member of your staff can be writing IEPs and navigating around the system with ease.
  • Outstanding Customer Support: Live Success Specialists are available during normal business hours by phone, email, and chat. All users within a district are free to contact our Success Specialists for assistance, as we do not limit you to a restricted contact list! We strive to respond to email messages in 20 minutes or less and a live person answers your phone calls. After-hours support is also available seven days a week.
  • 99% Customer Retention Rate: Embrace® serves over 1,000 school districts in 8 states, yet our clients tell us they feel like our only client. We serve districts with hundreds of students to districts with over 80,000 students, all with the same level of support. Best of all, this support is available to all staff members, not just pre-defined contacts. This support, paired with our easy-to-use software, has enabled us to achieve a 99% client retention rate.

Key Features Our Users Love!

  • Timeline Monitoring and Custom Reports: Users are able to track and create custom reports for IEP timelines including Annual Reviews and 3-Year Re-Evaluations!
  • Compliant Forms and Features: Embrace® constantly tracks changes to state guidelines and updates forms quickly to ensure your district maintains compliance. Our built-in compliance features help ensure accuracy and completion of required fields.
  • Real-Time Translation: Embrace® can instantly translate your IEPs into multiple languages for no additional cost! This includes translation of forms AND user-entered text, which districts have the ability to override and customize!
  • Easy Student Transfers: Embrace® can transfer all student data between districts that utilize our software. No more searching for lost documents or worrying about missing important information!
  • Superior Support: Every Embrace® user has access to knowledge-base articles, system training videos, help guides, and live customer support. Everything you need to know will be available with a click of a button or a quick search!
  • Integrations: Embrace® integrates with most Student Information Systems via SFTP to keep student data in sync. Additionally, LDAP and SAML integrations are available for single-sign-on capabilities.

Experience the Embrace® Difference

Our company enjoys a 99% customer retention rate – one of the highest in the industry. Supporters of our brand rely on the simplicity of our programs and the high quality of our customer service. We take our responsibilities to educators seriously because we recognize the true impact teachers make every day.

Discover the ways our special education software helps educators save time. Request a demo today.

Elgin School District – Elgin, IL

Elgin Area School District implemented EmbraceIEP® to improve their processes and compliance across 57 schools. They also love the continuous updates to EmbraceIEP® and the ease of use! Download Case Study 

Kane County School District – Kanab, UT

Kane County School District utilized EmbraceIEP® to provide flexibility and accessibility for their educators to document services from anywhere! Kane is able to give their educators personal time back with EmbraceIEP® and our web-based software! Download Case Study

Jackson County Special Services Cooperative – Edna, TX

Jackson County Special Services Cooperative acquired EmbraceIEP® to bring their 4 school districts a simplified IEP/ARD system that will save them time. JCSSC enjoys the quick communication between the cooperative and Embrace® staff, the ability to remotely communicate with parents, and the ease of use while completing paperwork! Download Case Study

Sycamore CUSD #427– Sycamore, IL

Sycamore CUSD #427 implemented EmbraceIEP® when the need for a simple and user-friendly IEP software became achievable. Superior service, powerful IEP compliance tools, and readily available training webinars are just a few of the perks Sycamore CUSD #427 raves about. Download Case Study

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