Frequently Asked Questions

What Product Support Does Embrace® Provide To Their Customers?

At Embrace®, customer service is our top priority. Our software is supported by live Customer Service Specialists who are ready to answer your calls, emails, and chats, Monday through Friday, 7:30am-6:30pm CST! Additionally, we provide emergency after-hours support 7 days a week until 9pm CST. We set the expectation that every phone call will be answered by the second ring, every email will be responded to within 20 minutes, and every chat will be answered within two minutes.

How Many Users Can Have Access To The Embrace® System?

Short answer: Unlimited. Our system allows as many users as the District deems necessary to have access to our programs. The user can have a multitude of permissions, ranging from restricted (read-only) to Admin level, in each program purchased. Districts are also able to have an unlimited number of buildings, which users are able to be assigned to specifically. Our software costs are based on the student population.

Currently, our system houses Districts and Cooperatives with a few hundred students to over 80,000 students!

Can Embrace® Speak With Our SIS?

Embrace® uses SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) and API (Application Program Interface) connections which allow school districts to automatically send us students’ demographic information from their SIS and upload it into the Embrace® program on a nightly basis (or more often if desired). We currently work with Infinite Campus, PowerSchool, eSchool, TylerSIS, Jupiter Ed, TeacherEase, and Skyward. If your district uses a SIS not mentioned here, please contact us to find out what options may be available.

Can Our District Customize Embrace®?

Yes! During your free demonstration, we will navigate through standard functionality and any forms applicable to the product and state you are requesting information on. However, if your district would like to customize our provided forms, or add additional forms, that is always an option! Along with the option to customize forms, districts are able to customize reports on any data on any student in your district. It’s also possible to customize functionality within the Embrace® systems. If you can think it, Embrace® is able to do it!

Our process is simple! After your district requests a customization, the Embrace® team will document the changes and send an e-mail summary to ensure all parties are on the same page. This is the same list that our programmers will use to complete the work. Afterwards, the Embrace® team will create a mock-up of the customization, based on your provided information. Finally, we will share the drafted mock-up, along with the cost, for your district to review. If approved, we will build it specifically for your district as soon as possible.

Customizations can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to thousands, depending on the time needed to create it. By outlining changes in advance, we are able to create an efficient process by which changes are made. This allows us to provide high-quality customizations at an affordable price.

Can Multiple Users Work On The Same Page At The Same Time?

Yes! Users are able to work on the same form, however in different fields, so as to not override existing data or data from another user being entered at the same time. This allows users to enter their information in a timely fashion, without stepping on the toes of another user.

Are The Text Fields Limited To A Certain Number Of Characters?

Text fields are limited to 65,000 characters. This is equivalent to between 9,000 and 16,000 words or 130 single-spaced pages. Our text fields are on smart-forms, so they will continue to expand as needed to get all the important information. The forms will also print with clean headers, footers, and page breaks so there is no need to worry about text-wrapping or running short on relative data.

How Is Our Data Stored and Protected?

We are as SaaS, Software as a Service, company so our data is stored in the Cloud and backed up daily to multiple server locations. We have a 99.99% uptime guarantee, so you will never have a drop in service!

How Does Embrace® Keep Up With State and Federal Changes?

We work with the local State department to stay up to date with form and compliance changes. We make all changes in-house, so there is no outsourcing and long wait times for anything. We will also notify users, via our homepage, of any changes made to the system and forms.

Does Embrace® Have Any User Groups?

Currently, Embrace® has a very strong user group in Washington State that meets once a month to discuss what is going on in the State. Clients from other locations are welcome to join in those meetings to hear what other users are saying. Outside of Washington, we do not have any other formal user groups, but are available to set that up if needed.

Do All Of The Embrace® Programs Speak With Each Other?

Yes! That is the driving force behind our software, it should be intuitive and therefore, communicate well with other modules. If a student is moving through the various processes, or steps, in the Special Education services, their data should flow from one module to the next. We do not want Educators to spend time typing the same information in different programs, we want them to spend their time with students.

Can Parents Access The Program To See Student Updates?

Embrace® offers a Parent Portal that districts may use to share IEP and 504 documents with parents during meetings and to obtain electronic signatures. The Parent Portal is a free addition to EmbraceIEP® and Embrace504®.

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