Make Easy Work of Creating and Maintaining Student 504 Plans

Our EmbraceIEP® software is one of our most popular products, but it’s not alone. Enjoy the fast and easy-to-use interface our clients know and love applied to the 504 product. Invest in Embrace504® to reduce time spent on paperwork and maximize time spent on educating students.

Embrace504® offers clients:

A Simple Implementation Process – District set-up requires the completion of just three simple templates- staff, students, and buildings. If utilizing our out-of-the-box settings, set-up can be completed in as little as one week. If districts decide to customize forms or settings, a custom implementation timeline will be created just for you. Our Implementation Specialists will walk you through each step of the set-up process from start to finish.

Our in-person and web-based training sessions last under an hour and are all you need to get staff acclimated to the program.

Robust Reporting Capabilities – Administrators and educators can generate and print their own reports to quickly access the data that matters most. Staff can monitor important deadlines, find student data, or track student accommodations.

Improved Accessibility – Our web-based 504 software allows users to access the program from any internet-enabled device. This allows teams to have the most robust, up-to-date student information at every step in the process.

Outstanding Customer Support – Embrace® has become synonymous in the industry with outstanding customer service. Our Success Specialists are experts in functionality and can assist districts with best practices.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

At Embrace®, we design programs that help to simplify the documentation process. Are you seeking new 504 software to save you time? Request a demo for a streamlined solution that will meet your needs.

North Mason School District – Belfair, WA

North Mason School District was thrilled to collaborate with Embrace® to customize their 504 system to meet their specific needs! With the usability of our modern platform, North Mason is able to create custom reports to ensure compliance with student accommodations. Download Case Study

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