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Get Your Students Talking!

Sometimes when an educator asks an open-ended question, they may find themselves staring into a sea of blank faces of disengaged students. It is important to keep students engaged, as it increases their

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Positive Alternatives for Reward Systems

Some researchers could argue that rewarding a child or student every time the child exhibits some positive behavior is only reinforcing the idea that the “real world” will have similar results. There

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Why We’ve Changed Our Name

Brecht’s Database Solutions and our products; PowerIEP, Power504, PowerEval, PowerDS, and PowerRTI were all renamed today, June 11, 2018. We are now Embrace Software for Educators and our products are

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Improving Student Achievement Results with Data Analysis

Every day, corporations around the globe use various data to better inform their business decisions. Educators and administrators who adopt these same data analysis methodologies can benefit by making

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Educator Apps For 2018

Innovation in learning seemingly brings about hundreds, if not thousands, of new apps and tools every year. Wading through the massive quantity of everything that’s being created to help with learning

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