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Give students more of your time with our streamlined software programs.

Discover a faster, easier way to write IEP and 504 plans, track plan effectiveness and ensure delivery of essential services—all in one convenient online location.

With Embrace®, any educator can harness the power of technology to reduce the paperwork involved in delivering support to students who need it. From our flagship program, EmbraceIEP®, to software options in Medicaid billing, 504 planning, MTSS documentation, and staff evaluation, we give our clients the capability to do so much more in less time and at a reasonable cost.

You will truly enjoy our straightforward interface, accessible on any internet-enabled computer or mobile device. We’ve fine-tuned the Embrace® software for a minimal learning curve with easy-to-understand features and time-saving functionality you can put to work from day one.

In addition to a 99.99% uptime guarantee, our software is supported by live customer service agents who are waiting to answer your calls and emails, seven days a week. Our outstanding agents boast a 99% customer satisfaction rating and strive to promote special education best practice in addition to software functionality.

Discover the ways Embrace® can work for you:

IEP and 504 Plan Writing

EmbraceIEP® and Embrace504® are user-friendly platforms designed to cut your plan completion time by 50 percent. From state recommended forms to district customizations, we can create what you need to accomplish your goals. EmbraceIEP® has built-in objectives and learning standards to assist in the goal writing process. Easily report on IEP and/or 504 data and share records electronically.

Tracking MTSS

EmbraceMTSS® allows staff to easily monitor intervention delivery, track progress, and update plans as necessary to improve student outcomes.

Quick, Compliant Service Reimbursement

EmbraceDS® allows staff to compare services prescribed in the IEP to services delivered to students to ensure accurate delivery. Monthly reminders help staff monitor their own service delivery and help administrators to quickly and easily monitor staff accuracy. Embrace® can assist districts in submitting Medicaid claims for reimbursement, which helps your district to offset the costs of meeting student needs.

Teacher Evaluation Tools

Easy to use, share and collaborate, EmbraceEVAL® provides a two-way communication system to easily share information between administrators and teachers. Our classroom observation tool makes tracking observation notes in real time simple. Built-in system e-mails notify staff when key events occur so that they can easily monitor their progress in the evaluation system.

Robust Reporting Capabilities

Administrators and educators can generate and print their own reports to quickly access the data that matters most. Track important deadlines, find student data, or assess the effectiveness of services from one central hub

What if plan writing and paperwork didn’t have to be so difficult? Request a demo to discover how to streamline and simplify the process today.

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