Music in Classrooms
Music is a very influential tool in the educational environment. Learning how to play an instrument can improve fine motor[...]
Principals Drive Improvement
October was National Principals Month, celebrating principals across the country. School districts used the hashtag #ThankAPrincipal on their social media[...]
Physical Activity for Special Needs Students
Physical activity is as beneficial for special needs students as it is for any child, so inspiring children of all[...]
Get Your Students Talking!
Sometimes when an educator asks an open-ended question, they may find themselves staring into a sea of blank faces of[...]
Positive Alternatives for Reward Systems
Some researchers could argue that rewarding a child or student every time the child exhibits some positive behavior is only[...]
Why We’ve Changed Our Name
Brecht’s Database Solutions and our products; PowerIEP, Power504, PowerEval, PowerDS, and PowerRTI were all renamed today, June 11, 2018. We[...]
Improving Student Achievement Results with Data Analysis
Every day, corporations around the globe use various data to better inform their business decisions. Educators and administrators who adopt[...]
Educator Apps For 2018
Innovation in learning seemingly brings about hundreds, if not thousands, of new apps and tools every year. Wading through the[...]
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